(A) in good faith: believe that the first, Houdezaiwu

                The company encourages every employee in the work and life, tell the truth, do honestly, honest people. An honest and trustworthy person, to win the respect and friendship of people around, on the contrary, if the covetous interests, to give up the principle of good faith, even if the short-term interests, will lose the respect and trust of others, will not win the ultimate success The


                (B) unity: surmount, burning iron gold

                1) do every thing, concerned about its impact on the entire company;

                2) respect each other's differences, there is no perfect individual, but can have a perfect team;

                3) in the face of difficulties and problems, through mutual trust and frank communication, face up to solve the problem;

                (C) trust: is the key to open the heart

                1) the company employees to give employees enough trust, and according to your trust to give the right position.

                2) employees trust the company, do not arbitrarily questioned, do not spread rumors, dedicated to create value for the company, in order to achieve self-improvement.

                (D) efficient: know each other, collaboration efficiency

                Take the initiative, to the end of the first, the first thing, win-win thinking, know each other, collaboration efficiency, constantly updated. This is the "seven habits of high-performance people", but also the company hopes that employees can achieve the goal, and "efficient" to work and study.


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